Indulgence Nail Garden


Welcome to Indulgence Nail Garden

About Us

Indulgence Nail Garden began with the idea to create a nail haven with a calming and natural ambiance for body and mind relaxation.

● Environment and cleanliness:

- Our hope is to indulge our clients with the most luxurious nail care experience without sacrificing their health. We are equipped with the most updated ventilation system, nail dust collector at each mani-station, and air purifiers throughout the salon.

- All of our stainless steel tools are sterilized following proper sanitation protocols and the use of medical-grade equipment.

- For our client’s benefit and to eliminate cross-contamination we opted out of the use of reusable files, buffers, and also magnetic jet pedicure chairs, which is the industry standard.

● Treatment & Products:

- Our focus is on healing, wellness, and relaxation with an emphasis on natural ingredients. Our seasonally rotated, house-made Pedi-bath bombs, scrubs, moisturizing masks, and body butter offer unique nutritional benefits that are derived from fruit, vegetables, essential oils, and natural ingredients. We pride ourselves in infusing healthy products that allow for an indulgent experience.